Austin ITS Architecture
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Interactive Architecture

The Interactive Architecture provides an interface to the Austin Regional ITS Architecture Turbo Architecture database, which provides an interactive method to search the Regional ITS Architecture.  To access the Interactive Architecture use the link below.

Interactive Architecture

Key components of the Interactive Regional ITS Architecture include:

Stakeholders – List of stakeholder agencies included in the Austin Regional ITS Architecture.

Inventory – List of all inventory elements identified in the Austin Regional ITS Architecture. This list can be accessed by stakeholder agency or by the type of entity, such as Traffic Management, Information Service Provider, or Transit Vehicle.

Services – List of all ITS Service Packages identified in the Austin Region.

Operational Concepts – List of the roles and responsibilities of stakeholder agencies in the Austin Region.

Requirements – List of the functional requirements for each functional area identified in the Regional ITS Architecture. Examples of functional areas include Traffic Data Collection, Roadway Traffic Information Dissemination, and On-board Transit Signal Priority.

Interfaces – List of each element and all of the other elements it interfaces with in the Regional ITS Architecture.

Standards – List of the standards from the National ITS Architecture that apply to data flows identified in the Austin Regional ITS Architecture.

Agreements – List of the current and needed agreements related to ITS operations in the Austin Region.




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