TMC Evacuation Support Functional Area


Development, coordination, and execution of special traffic management strategies during evacuation and subsequent reentry of a population in the vicinity of a disaster or major emergency. Interfaces with emergency management and other traffic management centers.

Included In

City of Austin TMC
City of Round Rock TMC
TxDOT Austin District TMC (CTECC)
Municipal/County Traffic Operations Center
City of Georgetown TOC
City of Cedar Park TMC
City of San Marcos TOC

Functional Requirements

1The center shall coordinate planning for evacuation with emergency management centers - including pre-planning activities such as establishing routes, areas to be evacuated, timing, etc.
2The center shall support requests from emergency management centers to preempt the current traffic control strategy, activate traffic control and closure systems such as gates and barriers, activate safeguard systems, or use driver information systems to support evacuation traffic control plans.
3The center shall coordinate information and controls with other traffic management centers.
4The center shall coordinate execution of evacuation strategies with emergency management centers - including activities such as setting closures and detours, establishing routes, updating areas to be evacuated, timing the process, etc.