City of Austin TMC




The traffic management center located in Austin that controls the traffic signal systems and other field equipment owned by the City of Austin.


City of Austin


Emergency Management
Traffic Management
Other Traffic Management

Interfaces To

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ABIA Police Dispatch
Austin Region Incident, Mutual Aid and Communications Network
Austin/Travis County EOC (CTECC)
Capital Area MPO Archive
CapMetro Fixed-Route Operations Center
CapMetro Freight and Passenger Rail Operations Center
CapMetro MetroAccess Paratransit Operations Center
CapMetro MetroRapid BRT Operations Center
CARTS Transit Operations Center
City of Austin Air Quality Division
City of Austin Bicycle Detection App
City of Austin CCTV Cameras
City of Austin Convention and Visitors Bureau
City of Austin DMS
City of Austin Dynamic Lane Assignment Signals
City of Austin Field Sensors
City of Austin Flood Closure Gates
City of Austin Flood Warning Beacons
City of Austin Parking Enterprise
City of Austin Pedestrian Hyrbid Beacons
City of Austin Permit Issuing Department
City of Austin Public Information Office
City of Austin Public Works Dispatch
City of Austin RWIS
City of Austin School Programmable Flasher System
City of Austin Traffic Database
City of Austin Traffic Signals
City of Austin Watershed Protection
City of Austin Website
City of Austin/Travis County 911 Dispatch Center (CTECC)
City of Cedar Park TMC
City of Round Rock TMC
CTRMA Field Sensors
CTRMA Operations Center
DPS Communications
Independent School District Dispatch
LCRA Flood Monitoring Center
Municipal/County Traffic Operations Center
National Weather Service
Private Sector Traveler Information Services
Private Tow/Wrecker Dispatch
Private Transportation Provider Operations
Public/Private Ambulance Dispatch
Rail Operations Centers
Regional Utility Companies
Travis County Maintenance and Construction Operations Dispatch
TxDOT 511 System
TxDOT Austin District Active Traffic Management
TxDOT Austin District CCTV Cameras
TxDOT Austin District Field Sensors
TxDOT Austin District Maintenance Sections Dispatch
TxDOT Austin District TMC (CTECC)
TxDOT TOD Customer Service Center
USGS Flood Monitoring Center
UT Events Office
UT Police Dispatch
Williamson County Emergency Communications Center
Williamson County Maintenance and Construction Operations