On-board Vehicle Mayday Standards Group


The Mayday standard was created by the SAE standards development organization and is based on the Advanced Traveler Information Systems (ATIS) standards. This standards group addresses primarily the interface between a vehicle or handheld device (such as a PDA) and an emergency management center, and is therefore mapped to the National ITS Architecture flows between the Vehicle or PIAS and the Emergency Management subsystem. Many of these standards provide the vocabulary (called data elements and messages) necessary to exchange information between these ITS systems. We have created this summary entry - On-board Vehicle Mayday Group of standards - to identify the main standards applicable to this interface. 

This Group includes the following Standards Activities:


SAE J2266: Location Referencing Message Specification (LRMS)
SAE J2313: On-Board Land Vehicle Mayday Reporting Interface
SAE J2354: Message Set for Advanced Traveler Information System (ATIS)
SAE J2540/1: RDS (Radio Data System) Phrase Lists
SAE J2540/2: ITIS (International Traveler Information Systems) Phrase Lists
SAE J2540/3: National Names Phrase List
SAE J2540: Messages for Handling Strings and Look-Up Tables in ATIS Standards