On-board Transit Trip Monitoring Functional Area


Support fleet management with automatic vehicle location (AVL) and automated mileage and fuel reporting and auditing.

Included In

CapMetro MetroAccess Paratransit Vehicles
CapMetro Fixed-Route Vehicles
CARTS Fixed-Route Vehicles
CARTS Demand Response Vehicles
Independent School District Buses
Private Transportation Provider Fixed-Route Vehicles
Private Transportation Provider Demand Response Vehicles
CapMetro MetroRapid BRT Vehicles
CapMetro MetroRail Passenger Rail Vehicles
Intercity Buses

Functional Requirements

1The transit vehicle shall track the current location of the transit vehicle.
2The transit vehicle shall support the computation of the location of a transit vehicle using on-board sensors to augment the location determination function. This may include proximity to the transit stops or other known reference points as well as recording trip length.
3The transit vehicle shall record transit trip monitoring data including vehicle mileage and fuel usage.
4The transit vehicle shall record transit trip monitoring data including operational status information such as doors open/closed, running times, etc.
5The transit vehicle shall send the transit vehicle trip monitoring data to center-based trip monitoring functions.