Roadway Mixed Use Sensing Functional Area


Provides the field devices that provide sensing and warning systems for pedestrians, bicyclists, and other vehicles that operate on the main vehicle roadways, or on pathways which intersect the main vehicle roadways.

Included In

TxDOT Austin District Signals
Municipal ITS Field Equipment
County ITS Field Equipment
City of Austin Pedestrian Hyrbid Beacons
City of Round Rock Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacons
City of San Marcos Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacons
City of Austin Bicycle Detection App

Functional Requirements

1The field element shall collect images or sensor data for pedestrians or bicyclists and respond to pedestrian or bicyclist crossing requests via display, audio signal, or other manner.
2The field element shall provide the capability to notify the traffic management center that a pedestrian or bicyclist has requested right-of-way and when the request was or will be granted.
3The field element shall collect road user protection data and provide this to the controlling center.
4The field element shall adjust traffic signals timing at intersections and on main highways for urban and rural areas using road user protection sensor data.
5The field element shall accept, from the controlling center, control or configuration data for the road user protection devices.