Center VMT Payment Administration Functional Area


Management of a VMT payment system. Receives VMT data and computes the total cost to the vehicle owner for payment.

Included In

CTRMA Toll Reconciliation Office

Functional Requirements

1The center shall register vehicles for road use payment, establishing accounts that identify owner billing information and preferences.
2The center shall provide secure user account management, providing user access to rules and policies, current billing status, invoices, payments, and mechanisms for review and challenge of the collected data.
3This center shall maintain and publish road use prices, as configured by the Payment Administrator.
4The center shall receive VMT data (time stamped log of roadways used by the vehicle) and compute the total cost to the vehicle owner.
5The center shall calculate road use charges based on the vehicle's mileage, roads traveled, time periods, emissions profile for make/model, fuel economy for make/model, weight, number of axles/tires, or other policies.
6The center shall access and use registration and odometer information from the DMV to verify and audit collected VMT data.
7The center shall process and clear payments from vehicle owners and operators as well as payments to other Center VMT Payment Administration through clearing houses provided by financial institutions.
8The center shall coordinate with other VMT Payment Administration systems to reconcile and apportion payments for vehicles registered in other jurisdictions.
9The center shall report payment violations including vehicle information and vehicle image to the designated Enforcement Agency.
10The center shall monitor the operational status of VMT field equipment and identify equipment faults.