Traveler Information for Austin Regional ITS Architecture Roles and Responsibilities

StakeholderRole and Responsibility
TxDOTProvide traffic information to regional agencies including transit, emergency management, maintenance and construction, and the media. Provide traffic information to travelers through state owned DMS.
Provide traffic information reports to regional and private information service providers as well as the Texas 511 System (through the highway conditions reporting system [HCRS]).
Provide a route guidance system for private commercial fleets based on information gathered from HCRS.
Provide traveler information to the media.
Provide traveler information to private travelers (in vehicle, personal computing device, or kiosk) upon request
Coordinate and share traveler information with all other traveler information providers within the region.
Provide broadcast information to travelers.
Collect traffic, incident, transit schedule, road maintenance, and weather information various agencies in the region and provide it to the media and private travelers.
Operate the state 511 system.